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Promotion of Biogas Technology

Biogas can be generated from any biodegradable material such as animal waste, plants and food leftovers.

Benefits of the biogas technology

  1. Generation of bio gas for cooking using human waste and animal waste (Waste to Energy) to partly substitute fire wood currently used in cooking.
  2. Generation of electricity from biogas
  3. Replace pit latrines practice with bio latrines technology for human waste management
  4. Produce manure from bio slurry to be used in gardens as an organic fertilizer
  5. Improved sanitation in the community through proper waste management by generation of energy
  6. Save the land for the routine excavation of pit latrines
  7. Improve the kitchen environment as smoke and particulate matter will be reduced by using bio gas that burns more efficiently than fire wood
  8. Reduce costs in terms of buying fire wood, transportation, labor for chopping, and save the environment.
  9. Low maintenance and running costs in a long run as a result of partly substituted fire wood and no routine excavations

What do we offer?

  1. Design and construction of biogas systems at household, industrial and institutional level.
  2. Capacity building in design construction and operation.
  3. Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for biogas technology.
  4. Training on the operation, maintenance of the system.
  5. Routine inspection of the performance of the system to ensure compliance with the operation procedures.
  6. Analyzing of the system data and advice accordingly for promotion of the technology in institutions, homes, cities and towns.

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